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Retrospec Amok 16 Cyclocross UrbanCross Bike
BEHOLD, THE HOLY GRAIL OF CYCLOCROSS COMMUTERS This is the Amok-16 UrbanCross. It has acquired a reputation of badassery and beastliness among its contemporaries. Equipped with an unprecedented 16 gears, this bike can take you anywhere on and off the streets. It maintains its identity as an UrbanCross™ bike, a perfect union of versatility, elegance, and control. THE DETAILS Our Amok-16 is as expertly crafted as its predecessors, with a hand-built, tig-welded, and double-butted 4130 Chromoly diamond frame for strength and endurance. We’ve incorporated some impressive upgrades, including STI shifters with rear derailleur. With one lever for shifting and braking and the addition of cantilever brakes, your ride is back in your control. The compact crank makes for quicker acceleration while the Kenda Small Block 8 tires prevent slippage on wet terrains. We’ve also added drop bars to improve aerodynamic riding. The cable runs on top of the top tube...
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Retrospec Amok SS CycloCross Bike Matte Black
THE CYCLOCROSS COMMUTER This is the Amok V2. Our rebooted Amok cyclocross single-speed bike has been redesigned for a harder, faster, better ride. This upgraded, convertible beaut is capable of defeating track and road alike. The 4130 chromoly frame is especially light and especially strong. The Kenda Small Block 8 tires will carry you over wet or dry road, carefully gripping the whole way. Between the frame, beefy tires, and solid construction, it is most resilient against all our precious cityscapes have to offer, from potholed-streets to craggy mountains. The cable is welded on top of the top tube so it won’t snag your skin or your shirt when you’re carrying it across a riverbed (you adventurous nut, you) or up a flight of stairs into your overpriced apartment. Our rear drop is forged with a derailleur hanger, so you can do with your bike what you like. With cantilever...