Retrospec All-Star Triangle Grips
DETAILS Retrospec Bicycles’s Triangle Grips are made of authentic Kraton rubber. Soft to touch and comfortable to hold, these grips come in a variety of colors and will fit virtually any bike. Grab a set of these colorful grips for your road, fixed-gear, single-speed, commuter, or mountain bike.     specifications   • Kraton rubber, padded for comfort • Comfortable urban-style bicycle grips for fixed-gear, single-speed, track, & road bicycles • Fits virtually all bike handlebars
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Retrospec Amok 16 Cyclocross UrbanCross Bike
BEHOLD, THE HOLY GRAIL OF CYCLOCROSS COMMUTERS This is the Amok-16 UrbanCross. It has acquired a reputation of badassery and beastliness among its contemporaries. Equipped with an unprecedented 16 gears, this bike can take you anywhere on and off the streets. It maintains its identity as an UrbanCross™ bike, a perfect union of versatility, elegance, and control. THE DETAILS Our Amok-16 is as expertly crafted as its predecessors, with a hand-built, tig-welded, and double-butted 4130 Chromoly diamond frame for strength and endurance. We’ve incorporated some impressive upgrades, including STI shifters with rear derailleur. With one lever for shifting and braking and the addition of cantilever brakes, your ride is back in your control. The compact crank makes for quicker acceleration while the Kenda Small Block 8 tires prevent slippage on wet terrains. We’ve also added drop bars to improve aerodynamic riding. The cable runs on top of the top tube...
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Retrospec Amok SS CycloCross Bike Matte Black
THE CYCLOCROSS COMMUTER This is the Amok V2. Our rebooted Amok cyclocross single-speed bike has been redesigned for a harder, faster, better ride. This upgraded, convertible beaut is capable of defeating track and road alike. The 4130 chromoly frame is especially light and especially strong. The Kenda Small Block 8 tires will carry you over wet or dry road, carefully gripping the whole way. Between the frame, beefy tires, and solid construction, it is most resilient against all our precious cityscapes have to offer, from potholed-streets to craggy mountains. The cable is welded on top of the top tube so it won’t snag your skin or your shirt when you’re carrying it across a riverbed (you adventurous nut, you) or up a flight of stairs into your overpriced apartment. Our rear drop is forged with a derailleur hanger, so you can do with your bike what you like. With cantilever...
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Retrospec Drome Track Bike
VELODROME A nod to the first of its kind, the Drome is our track bike. This single-speed monster sports a wider downtube for improved rigidity and aerodynamics. But our track bike isn’t for the track only, oh no. The Drome will clobber the competition on and off the velodrome. THE DETAILS Our Drome is built around a 6061 aluminum frame that is double-butted and tig-welded for ultimate reliability and speed. With smooth welds, aero tubing, and tight racing-inspired geometry, it’s lightweight, stiff, and responsive. Ride more efficiently by riding more aerodynamically on the compact drop bars. The integrated headset and bearing hubs are sealed for infrequent maintenance. Your bike will lead a longer, healthier life if you keep dirt and grime out of its nooks and crannies. The rear track ends are reinforced with removable stainless steel plates for impressive durability. The Drome track bike comes equipped with a flip-flop...
Retrospec FGFS Straps
These Velcro Foot Retention System bike pedal straps will blow you away. Whether you’re using them on your road or commuter bike for more efficient pedaling or to trick out your BMX or fixie bike, this design will prove to be durable and comfortable without getting loose during your ride. We’ve reinforced all the straps, Velcro, and stitching on these one-size-fits-all bike pedal straps. All new reflective lining will reflect light and make you and your bike more visible to others at night. Specifications Velcro adjustable foot retention system (FRS) fixed-gear freestyle strap (FGFS) with enhanced strength and support Reflective lining fabric for safer night time riding These straps will help you hit all your favorite tricks and is perfect for riding around town More comfortable than any other toe cage, clip, or strap Perfect for commuting, freestyle, fixed-gear, and road bikes These straps will not tear or get loose...
Retrospec Fixie Black Seat
DETAILS Our Urban Saddle is perfect on any bike, including road, fixie, single-speed, urban commuter, and mountain bikes. With a classic road bike saddle silhouette, it is cushy for comfort and stiff for performance maximization. Specifications Comfortable urban-style bicycle seat for fixed-gear, single-speed, track bike, road bicycle, and all kinds of bikes Fits all Retrospec Bicycles and nearly any other kind of bike or seat post Classic Road Style Shape Padded for comfort Available in 8 colors 150mm wide
Retrospec Fixie Fixed Gear Crankset Black 165mm 48t
DETAILS Ride Strong, Ride Smooth Here is the Mantra Crankset. This upgraded three-piece crankset is made of a lightweight alloy crank combined with a steel chainwheel for superior strength and a smooth cadence every ride. It’s better forged, which means the material is denser and stronger but still lighter than steel. With this beefier crankset, you get more power to the ground, which means you’re going faster with less deflection. The thicker arm and different bolt pattern featured on the Mantra Crankset provides more torque when riding. Once installed, you’re on your way to a more efficient ride, reducing the necessity to visit shops with crankset maintenance issues. The Details The crank arm measures 170mm and doesn’t have any overlap of crank arm and chainring bolts. The standard bolt circle diameter (or BCD) is 130mm. It accommodates 9/16” pedals. Ride Like You Want To Available in a ton of colors...
Retrospec Kinney 14 Speed Vintage Hybrid Mixte Bicycle
NOSTALGIA + COPIOUS CONTENTMENT The Kinney Mixte has arrived and it’s time to get going. We’ve tried our darndest to channel our inner sixties child to bring you a ride that is nostalgic and full of good vibes. Our sixties child has converged with our modern ingenuity for a high-tech 14-speed road bike like you’ve never seen before. FRAME Ride confidently and comfortably on our notoriously smooth UrbanComfort frame. This classic diagonal mixte frame is hand-built out of high-tensile strength steel. The downward angled top bars connect to the middle of the seat post for a lower standover height. This means you’ll have an easier time mounting and dismounting. This elegant frame style encourages an upright-seated position while riding, which is ultimately better for your back and rump. The mixte has found popularity in Europe among both women and men over the last several decades. DRIVETRAIN Don’t be deceived by...
Retrospec Mantra Fixie Bike
Details Find your inner peace with Retrospec’s Mantra. Ride happy. The Mantra is our new and improved fixed-gear bike model. It is fully equipped to handle your city commute every day of the week. The hand-built, tig-welded steel frame has weatherproof sealed bearing hubs, all prerequisites for city riding. The sealed bearing hubs keep out dirt and moisture and thus require less maintenance over the lifetime of your bicycle. The frame and fork have bar spin clearance, horizontal dropouts, and no toe overlap. Flip-Flop Hub This fixie comes standard with a flip-flop hub, which allows you to take back the control of your ride. Embrace your inner urban cyclists and choose how you cycle. With a simple flipping of the rear wheel, you can ride fixed-gear or single-speed with a freewheel. Riding a fixie is your choice to make. Components We handpick every component that goes on our bikes. From...
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Retrospec Mantra V2 Fixie Bike
$299.99 $329.00
Details Second to None You know the Mantra 1.0. But now it’s time to meet the Mantra 2.0. It’s been designed and built with the same kind of love and enthusiasm for cycling. Our newest version of our classic fixed-gear / single-speed bike now comes standard with front and rear Promax brakes and machined sidewall rims. This set of brakes is precise with quick response time. Now with dual braking, you have exponentially more control over your ride, your speed, and, of course, your stopping. Our UrbanComfort frame is hand-built, tig-welded, double-butted, and lightweight. The high-tensile strength steel diamond frame is the perfect riding companion as you cycle your way to work and home and play and everything in between. The frame and fork have bar spin clearance, horizontal dropouts, and no toe overlap. The Mantra 2.0 comes standard with sealed cartridge bearing hubs to keep your bike clean and...
Retrospec Mantra Wheelset
The Mantra Wheelset is one of the most versatile wheelsets available. The super deep-dish wheels boast features that transform any bicycle into a lean, mean, cycling machine. Transform every ride into a silky smooth dream as you ride atop these colorful and durable wheels. The rear wheel has a flip-flop hub with a 16T 1/8” fixed-gear cog and a 16T freewheel cog. Our upgraded Mantra wheelset comes with sealed bearing hubs, which dramatically increases the lifespan of your wheels by keeping dirt and muck out of fragile parts of your bike. Other notable upgrades include the 43mm Stars rims, one accent color spoke, and Kenda Kwest tires. Grab a set of Mantra Wheelsets and get moving. SPECIFICATIONS Stars Brand Lightweight Alloy 43-millimeter, double-wall Super Deep V Rim Sealed Cartridge Bearing Hubs (F 100mm, R 120mm) 16T 1/8" fixed-gear cog 16T freewheel cog Kenda Kwest Commuter tubes and tires included and...
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Retrospec Mars 1 Diamond Single-Speed City Bike
Details Simplicity Evolved The Mars single-speed city bike is fully equipped for a mind-bogglingly complete ride. Yes, it’s single-speed, and no, it’s never lacking in anything. Ride across campuses, down city streets, and along bike trails simply and stylishly. The Build The classic diamond frame is forever timeless and extremely reliable. Hand-built, tig-welded, and high-tensile strength steel, the Mars diamond frame was built with you in mind. It’s shock-absorbent for a more comfortable ride and it’s extremely durable for a long life. The shape and position of the handlebars encourage upright riding, ultimately better for your back and comfort level. The Accessories The Mars city bike flaunts a mid-century-inspired style, complete with a chrome headlight, classic bell, matching fenders, and a polished rear rack. It also comes with plush vegan grips and saddle for comfortable riding. Front and rear brakes give you back all the control over your bike, your...
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Retrospec Mars-3 Diamond Three-Speed City Bike
Details Curiosity Rover The Mars three-speed diamond city bike embodies clarity and refinement. With an internal 3-speed hub and a lightweight and very durable steel frame, this bike is just about unstoppable. The Drivetrain This bike is equipped with a Sturmey Archer internal hub. Not only has Sturmey Archer been around for over a century, but they’ve also managed to maintain their reputation of excellence throughout it. The internal hub protects the fragile elements from damage and dirt. An unexposed drivetrain means less upkeep over the lifetime of your bike. Along with the Sturmey Archer three-speed drivetrain, this city bike uses a RevoShift grip shifter. Switching gears with this mechanism is easy and feels natural. Since it’s integrated into the handlebars and grips, you never have to compromise your focus on your ride, which in turn keeps you safer. The Build Hand-built. Tig-welded. High-tensile strength steel. Oh, and lightweight. Those...
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Retrospec Mars-7 Diamond Seven-Speed City Bike
Details Earth to Mars The Retrospec Mars seven-speed city bike is designed with commuters in mind. An unbeatable opponent is produced from a union between our lightweight, heavy-duty diamond frame, top-of-the-shelf Shimano drivetrain, and advanced component set. The Drivetrain The Shimano Altus 7-speed drivetrain will conquer all kinds of terrain with you. Whether you’re riding on flat or hilly trails, smooth or rough roads, or paved or dirt paths, you can count on this system. Ride for longer more comfortably and always be in control. The Shimano Altus makes climbing inclines more manageable than ever before. Our Mars seven-speed city bike is also equipped with the RevoShift grip shifter. This shifting mechanism is integrated into the handlebars, so you can switch gears without ever sacrificing control of your ride. Changing speeds with RevoShift is intuitive, straightforward, and convenient. The Build The classic diamond frame on the Mars seven-speed city bike...
Retrospec Platform Pedals & Straps Combo
DETAILS This pedal set is decently self-explanatory. The 9/16” bike pedals have a light, durable injected molded polycarbonate body with molded pins and the accompanying one-size-fits-all Velcro foot retention system straps will blow you away. The pedals are very durable and will keep on keeping on. The straps have reflective lining fabric and are durable and comfortable and stay tight ride after ride. Specifications Classic BMX-style pedals with larger platforms and 9/16" axle Velcro adjustable foot retention system (FRS) fixed-gear freestyle strap (FGFS) with enhanced strength and support Reflective fabric for safer night time riding More comfortable than any other toe cage, clip, or strap A great choice for commuting and riding around Will work on nearly all bikes, including fixed-gear and road
Retrospec Track Pista Bicycle Grips
These grips take after those frequently found on track bikes. Our Pista grips are made from soft Kraton rubber. They are a cheaper and more durable alternative to bar tape. You can put this set of grips on virtually any handlebars. Specifications Soft Kraton Rubber Compatible with bull-horn, pursuit, drop bar, pista, BMX, or straight bars Less expensive and more durable alternative to bar tape 170mm Length
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Retrospec Venus-1 Step-Thru Single-Speed City Bike
Details UFOs: Unabashedly Fabulous Outings Transcend time and space with the Venus single-speed step-thru city bike. Its timeless silhouette will ride with you as you navigate campus and city streets. This bike is simplicity evolved, a single-speed that will never leave you wanting more. The Build The step-thru style frame sports a downward angled top tube, creating a significantly shorter standover height. The shorter standover height makes mounting and dismounting the bike much easier, regardless of attire. Originally designed with Victorian-garbed female riders in mind, the step-thru frame has gained popularity among both men and women for its ease of use and comfortable riding. Our frame is hand-built and tig-welded high-strength steel for longevity and reliability. The frame geometry is designed to encourage upright riding positions, improving posture and reducing discomfort in your back. The Accessories The Venus & Mars city bike line features classic accessories reminiscent of the 1950s,...
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Retrospec Venus-3 Step-Thru Three-Speed City Bike
Details ATTN: Space Cadets The Venus three speed step-thru city bike takes the classic step-thru silhouette and combines it with top-of-the line, industry-renowned components. With three speeds, there’s even less you can’t do with this bike. The Drivetrain Sturmey Archer has been in the game for a very long time. They’ve been building top-of-the-line drivetrains and derailleurs for over 113 years. The three-speed internal hub protects fragile elements from damage and dirt. This means less maintenance throughout the lifetime of your bike. The RevoShift grip shifter makes switching gears as easy as 1, 2, 3. The handlebar-integrated grip shifter is intuitive and allows you to shift gears without compromising your safety or focus. With your hands always on the handlebars, you can also be more prepared to brake quickly if necessary. The Build The downward angled top tube of the step-thru frame creates a shorter standover height, making mounting and...
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Retrospec Venus-7 Step-Thru Seven-Speed City Bike
Details Reach for the Stars The Venus seven-speed step-thru city bike is the perfect traveling companion for any and all of your outings. Equipped with a Shimano Altus seven-speed drivetrain, you can do just about anything on this bike. Ride from home to work, from work to market, from market to your mom’s, from your mom’s to class (Jeez! You’re really busy!), and then back again. The Drivetrain The Shimano Altus drivetrain is the only choice when it comes to reliability, comfort, and ease of use. With seven-speeds, the Venus seven-speed step-thru can declare its dominion over flat city streets, hilly campuses, and uneven trails. The Shimano Altus is known for its precision and timeliness. The RevoShift grip shifter is integrated into the handlebars, allowing you to safely shift gears without sacrificing control of the handlebars. Switching speeds with a grip shifter is not only easy and straightforward, but it’s...
Retrospec Wheel $70 Per Wheel Front Or Back
Retrospec Wheelsets have been custom-designed to ensure optimal speed, dexterity, and control on your fixed-gear or single-speed road bike. SPECIFICATION Stars Alloy 43-millimeter, double-walled 700 x 23c rims KT Quando flip-flop hubs (F 100mm, R 110mm) 16T fixed-gear cog when you choose rear 16T freewheel cog when you choose rear CST 700 x 23c tubes with presta valves CST HP (High Performance) Tires PRODUCT DESCRIPTION At Retrospec we take our wheels very seriously. Engineering of our bike wheelsets starts at the core. Retrospec Wheelsets feature silky smooth KT hubs with a flip-flop hub in the rear. The hub comes pre-assembled with a fixed-gear cog and a freewheel, so it’s up to you if you want to ride it fixed-gear or coast like you would on any other bike. Front and rear wheels come with 32 spokes and are built with lightweight 43mm Super Deep-V rims. This is the perfect size rim...